About Me

I have always had a strong interest in art, and was drawing from a young age, but it was only later at sixth form when I discovered a love for animation.

I studied Graphics and Fine Art at Melbourn Village Collage, in my village, carrying my sketch books and portfolio to and from school every day, fitting in extra work time in the studios where I could - usually staying later after school just to push myself harder to complete the best work I could. It paid off when I received A* grades for both subjects.

This hard work continued when I studied at Long Road Sixth Form Collage in Cambridge, known for it's fantastic art rooms and tutoring. I would get to the art rooms as early as I could and often be one of the last to leave - rarely leaving the rooms at all, engrossed in producing work. Again, pushing myself as much as I could landed me with a triple Distinction in the National Diploma in Art and Design, and prepared me for University. It was during this course I discovered animation. We studied various art forms, from printmaking and painting, to sculpture, graphic design and traditional photography. We did a short module studying animation, when I made my first animation. Whilst others became bored with the slow process of hand drawn and stop motion animation, I revelled in it - excited to see the final result. When I saw my finished film, I knew this was what I wanted to do. I then decided to make another couple of short animations in my own time, and submitted them to the module also.

I then had a dilemma. As well as this new found passion for animation - at that point unsure of what type of animator I wanted to be - I still loved drawing and painting, particularly illustrating. While looking for Universities I found a course that suited me perfectly - Illustration and Animation at the Cambridge School of Art, just down the road. I could learn more about animation, yet still keep up my drawing and work on skills would need as an Illustrator.

I started at Anglia Ruskin University, where the Cambridge School of Art is based, in 2008 and enjoyed every moment. I managed to narrow down the type of animation I was interested in, yet I still love illustrating - but with this course I learnt skills in both, preparing me for whichever one I chose to pursue. Currently, I still have interests in both, and am happy to work for either.

Since I graduated, I have worked on a charity animation for Stichting Culturele Droomwevers, completing a short film called Graz - please find this on my animation page. I have also worked on my own short projects when I can, to keep working at my animation skills.

So far my illustration is most successful, having illustrated two E-Books for poet Josie Whitehead. I first illustrated 'Simply Sensational' which is a poetry book containing poems about all of the senses. The second book I worked on was 'Welcome To My Ark' which is about Noah and his ark. Both books are available to buy from Josie's website - a link to her site can be found on my page. I have recently illustrated a small number of greeting cards for sale at a farmer's market in Cambridgeshire - these cards are available for purchase, so if interested, please contact me.

I also have some experience in tutoring animation. From 2011-2013 I was a studio supervisor at Anglia Ruskin, giving help and advice to second year students. Some of my lessons can be found on my 'Tips & Learn To Animate' page. I mostly covered ways to use After Effects, as any form of animating ended up being finalised in After Effects. I also showed my students how to animate directly in After Effects, which is quite a quick and simple way of animating. If you need any extra advice, feel free to message me and I will offer any help I can!

I hope you enjoy my animations and illustrations, and I hope to hear from you soon!